The EverydayStress Series is designed for those troubled with anxiety. The form it takes is independant and contingent i.e. each thought stands alone yet is part of a bigger picture. Your responsibility as the reader is to take this meditation on a page and make it your own.


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Love & Consequences

Your past conflicts or corresponds to the present via your relationships, defining how you see the world and how the world sees you.

302 Pages - 534KB - 3856 words

The Victims Hierarchy

For those who hurt:if you have been put down,beat up,or  
done wrong, this book puts words to your feelings.


The Victim's Jealously
To be jealous,one must feel victimized,
regardless of logic.

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To begin the understanding of your anxiety, you need to understand the basics of your behavior.


The Security of Habit:
Our habits provide comfort because they are certain, even if they are painful.

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The Biology of Anxiety

Building on the work of the first book, you will see the affects of your bio-chemistry on your behavior.


The Biology of Addiction
The lower the adrenaline and cortisol threshold,
the greater our probability of addiction.

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